Top Publications of 2018

Updated: Dec 3, 2018

As the year ends, we at Advanced BioMatrix want to thank our loyal customers and recognize the fantastic work you have published this year. You successfully submitted over 300 publications using our products in 2018! We had the difficult task of narrowing the list down to our top 15 publications for the year. Enjoy!

1. 3D Bioprinting of Corneal Stroma Equivalent

Keratocytes were encapsulated in a custom bioink formulated with PhotoCol® methacrylated Type I collagen and alginate to 3D bioprint a human corneal model.

2. Patient-Specific Organoids Models for Predicting Chemotherapy Efficacy

Cells from a patient were grown in PhotoCol® Type I collagen and Hyaluronic acid hydrogels. The researchers then screened chemotherapy drugs to determine "which were the most effective in killing cancer cells for a specific patient."

3. 3D Bioprinted Tracheal Segment

Investigating the viability of introducing a living functional tracheal graft made from PureCol® Type I collagen in an rabbit animal model.

4. Production of Tissue-Engineered Small Intestine

Comparing the impact of cell donor age on production of tissue-engineered small intestine.

5. Leukaemia Hijacks Neural Mechanism to Invade CNS

3D hydrogels from RatCol® Type I collagen with cell migration assays to help study how cells use a neural migratory pathway to invade CNS.

6. Axonal Regeneration in Injured Spinal Cord

Human glial restricted progenitors in PureCol® Type I collagen were grafted into a C4 dorsal column lesion, resulting in enhanced axonal growth.

7. Transformation and Response of Bronchial Epithelial Cells from Diesel Exhaust

Epithelial cells were grown on Nutragen® Type I collagen, and then exposed to diesel exhaust particles. Results indicate that long term exposure may cause lung cancer due to DNA-damage, altered gene expression, and inflammatory responses.

8. Tissue-Engineered Lung Model to Study Influenza A Infection

Primary small airway epithelial cells were cultured in 3D collagen/chitosan scaffolds to study the effects of major IAV strains on marker protein expression, and on the release of proinflammatory cytokines.

9. 3D Collagen-Elastin Scaffold for Heart Valve Tissue Engineering

Nutragen® Type I collagen and elastin were used to create scaffolds that mimic the native ECM of heart valves.

10. 3D Bioprinted Cardiac Patch

PhotoCol® Methacrylated Type I collagen was used as a photocrosslinkable bioink to help print electrically conductive and mechanically robust cardiac patches.

11. Electroconductive Biohybrid Hydrogel for Enhanced Beating Properties of Cardiac Tissues

Type I collagen, alginate, polystyrene sulfone hydrogels helped improve electrical conductivity and prevent arrhythmia of tissue constructs containing cardiomyocytes.

12. Keratinocyte Migration in 3D Wound Healing Model

Keratinocytes were seeded on top of PureCol® Type I collagen 3D hydrogels to develop a skin wound healing model.

13. Full-Thickness Skin Equivalents

Fibroblasts were seeded within PureCol® Type I collagen 3D hydrogels. Keratinocytes were seeded on top and lifted to air-liquid interface to create full-thickness skin equivalents.

14. Keratinocytes Demonstrate Substrate Stiffness Dependent Behaviors

Keratinocytes seeded on top of PureCol® Type I collagen coated substrates of varying rigidity demonstrated efficient colony formation on soft vs stiff substrates.

15. Optimization of Collagen Type I / Hyaluronan Bioink for 3D Bioprinted Liver Microenvironments

PhotoCol® Methacrylated Type I collagen was mixed with hyaluronic acid to create a native bioink for 3D bioprinting liver tissue.

We look forward to our continued collaborations and many more outstanding breakthroughs in science in the years to come.

-The Advanced BioMatrix team

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