Two Additional Bioprinting Companies Now Offering Lifeink® 200

Updated: Jun 26, 2018

Lifeink® 200 from Advanced BioMatrix is the first collagen bioink in the world. It has superior print resolution, cell viability, and is pure collagen. That is why two leading 3D bioprinting companies are now offering Lifeink® 200 as part of their product portfolio:

Allevi and SE3D.

Allevi manufactures and sells 3D bioprinters and bioinks that are used by leading researchers all around the world to find solutions to humanity's most difficult problems - to cure disease, to test novel drugs, to eliminate the organ waiting list, and to build with life.

SE3D is a National Science Foundation (NSF)-funded company providing bioprinting technology and educational solutions. They are a leader in educating both the current and the next generation in 3D bioprinting. Their products include desktop r3bEL bioprinters for research and skills training, integrated STEM curriculum programs, as well as bio-inks and supplies.

Both of these companies have values that align closely with Advanced BioMatrix, including exceptional customer service, high product quality standards, and business transparency.

We look forward to all of the advances in research stemming from this collaboration.

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