CytoSoft® - Changing the Way Cells See the World.

Substrate stiffness has been shown to affect cellular adhesion, migration, morphology, expression, differentiation, and much more, yet is often ignored. Cell culture is often performed on standard 2D plastic plates that are significantly stiffer than physiological tissues (plastic vs. liver tissue, for example).

A recent study has shown that fibroblasts are able to discriminate between the underlying substrate stiffness, manifested in both adhesion size and stress fibers.

The study:

Fibroblasts were cultured on CytoSoft® plates from Advanced BioMatrix with substrate stiffness of 0.2, 8 and 64 kPa. The cells on the 0.2 and 64 kPa stiffness seem to attempt to contract the matrix and generate higher intracellular tension. It appears that the cells on the 8 kPa stiffness both reduce intracellular tension and increase adhesion.

The results speak for themselves. Cells should be studied across different stiffness, in order to determine how the cells are affected by their environment.

Because of this, we created CytoSoft®.

What is CytoSoft®?

CytoSoft® plates are 6 and 24-well plates coated with a thin layer of biocompatible silicone with a carefully measured, certified, and specific stiffness, including 0.2, 0.5, 2, 8, 16, 32 and 64 kPa. These plates are designed to help you - the researcher - recreate in vivo in your labs. CytoSoft® allows you create a physiological softness that your cells grow best on.

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