CytoForm® 500 - Electrospun Gelatin

CytoForm® 500 is a new product comprised of electrospun gelatin disks for cell culture and tissue engineering. See the beautiful architecture of the scaffolds below:

CytoForm® 500 Electrospun Gelatin scaffolds provide an ideal substrate for cell attachment and proliferation, while promoting the deposition of new extracellular matrices. In the image below, the fibroblasts are blue, and they are surrounded by newly deposited ECM's.

To learn more about the specifications of our new electrospun gelatin scaffolds, click here.

Advanced BioMatrix is a leader in extracellular matrix proteins for 3D cell culture and tissue engineering. Our new product line (CytoForm®) represents pre-made scaffolds from various proteins and materials, designed to help move your research forward.

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