Applications of Lifeink® 100 Methacrylated Collagen

Methacrylated Collagen (also known as PhotoCol® and Lifeink® 100) is a photocrosslinkable type I collagen for 3D cell culture and bioprinting.

As the most abundant protein in the body, collagen is a key component for cell culture. Collagen methacrylate can be used as a rapidly self-assembling type I collagen to form cross-linked hydrogels for tissue engineering[1]. It has been used with mesenchymal stem cells[2], fibroblasts, adipose derived stem cells, epithelial cells, and many more.

Collagen methacrylate is useful for forming scaffolds with varying degree of stiffness, by altering collagen concentration or the dose of UV-light exposure[2]. It is also being extensively characterized for its usefulness in 3D bioprinting (extrusion, inkjet, and photolithographic[3]).

Lifeink® 100 has been used for created 3D microniches[4], as well as for 3D bioprinting human corneas[5].







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