First 3D-Printed Human Corneas created using PhotoCol® Methacrylated Collagen from Advanced BioMatri

Published in the journal Experimental Eye Research, researchers at Newcastle University report how stem cells (human corneal stromal cells) from a healthy donor cornea were mixed together with alginate and collagen to create a bioink.

The researchers used PhotoCol® Methacrylated Collagen from Advanced BioMatrix as the base of the bioink. They then printed the ink using the FRESH method. The FRESH method allows for high resolution printing of soft biomaterials (such as collagen and alginate).

After printing, the entire construct is incubated at 37°C, which melts the gelatin (part of the FRESH method), and "releases" the printed cornea. The released cornea can now be transferred to cell culture media for long-term culturing.

Exciting to see so many new publications using PhotoCol® Methacrylated collagen!

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