3 Ways to Modify 3D (Hydrogel Edition)

Creating 3D environments for cell culture and tissue engineering is the next step up from traditional 2D models. Cells will respond to physical and chemical cues in their environment.

To alter the physical cues of collagen hydrogels, there are 3 main ways:

1. Concentration - Changing the collagen concentration can change the stiffness of the hydrogel, as explained in the video below:

2. Telo vs Atelo Collagen - The method of extracting the collagen molecule has a fairly drastic effect on the resulting 3D hydrogel stiffness, as explained in the video below:

3. Methacrylation - Chemically modifying the collagen molecule allows it to be photocrosslinked, in order to precisely tune the desired hydrogel stiffness.

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