Lifeink® 610 Kit

3D-Graphene™ (trademark of Dimension Inx®)

Catalog Number: #5243-1KIT

Lifeink® 610 contains 3 mL of a novel biomaterial made up of 75% graphene and 25% PLG. This material is highly elastic, absorbant, while maintaining electrical conductivity.

Price: $300

Kit Contents:

  1. 5 mL Graphene/PCL bioink (1/kit)

  2. Syringe couplers (2/kit)

  3. Syringe caps (2/kit)

  4. Sterile 10 mL syringe (1/kit)

  5. Drawing needle (1/kit)

Print complex geometries and scaffolds for advanced cell culture or animal models.

Graphene scaffold

Graphene scaffold

Lifeink® 610 3D Graphene

Rolled sheet

Rolled sheet

Lifeink® 610 3D Graphene

3D-Graphene objects

3D-Graphene objects

Lifeink® 610 3D Graphene

Not 3D Bioprinting? Advanced BioMatrix also offers pre-printed Lifeink® 610 3D Graphene sheets. Click here to go visit.

Properties of Lifeink® 610

  • Rapid solidification through evaporation

  • Extruded filament fidelity and continuity

  • Strong yet flexible bone substitution material

  • Chemically stable in neutral pH

  • Infill printed scaffolds with collagen hydrogels for enhanced cell seeding

  • Prints at room temperature

Lifeink® 610 Cell Culture

Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells day 7, 14, and 28, respectively.

Lifeink® 610 Electrical Conductivity

High Electrical Conductivity

Lifeink® 610 is highly conductive, making the printed scaffolds an optimal substrate for cells such as neurons and cardiomyocytes. 


It is also easy to incorporate 3D graphene printed scaffolds with type I collagen.

  • 3D print scaffold

  • Mix your cells with neutralized Type I collagen

  • Dispense the collagen/cell suspension over the printed scaffold

  • Incubate at 37°C to polymerize your collagen scaffold, and encapsulate your cells within the hydroxyapatite/collagen matrix.

Product Specifications

The final ​material consists of 75% graphene and 25% polycaprolactone.

  • Appearance                              Black, opaque paste

  • Package Size                            3 mL

  • Gel Consistency                        No apparent bubbles

  • Extrudability                              Extrudes through 22 gauge                                                       needle.

  • Crosslinking                              Self-setting process

  • Storage                                      Dry at 2-8°C

Print Recommendations

  • Dispensing tip diameter: 0.3-0.8 mm, tapered or cylindrical

  • Needle length: Shorter the better (<20 mm)

  • Limit ink exposure to air prior to printing.

For additional information such as directions for use, SDS, material origin, or certificate of analysis, click here.

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