Lifeink® 300 Kit

Methacrylated Gelatin

Catalog Number: #5203-1KIT

Lifeink® 300 contains 1 gram of lyophilized methacrylated gelatin (Porcine Type A 300 Bloom). Cells can be directly added and uniformly mixed in the bioink. Lifeink® 300 can be prepared at various concentrations and crosslinked to provide a wide range of gel stiffness.

Price: $150

Kit Contents:

  1. PhotoGel®

    • Methacrylated Gelatin (1 gram)​

    • Irgacure 2959 (100 mg)

  2. Syringe couplers (2/kit)

  3. Syringe caps (2/kit)

  4. Sterile 10 mL syringe (2/kit)

Not bioprinting? Lifeink® 300 is also available as a reagent (PhotoGel®) for 3D hydrogels and cell culture. Click here to visit the PhotoGel® page.

Print highly crosslinkable (UV or visible light) structures with Lifeink® 300 

Lifeink 300
Lifeink 300

Print Properties of Lifeink® 300

  • UV-Crosslinkable

  • Mechanical construct strength

  • Custom concentration

  • Physiological pH and salt concentration

  • Cell friendly and biocompatible

  • Sterility tested

  • Printable at 23°C

Product Specifications

Our extensive list of product specifications for Lifeink® 300 ensure lot-to-lot consistency, and reliable and reproducible results. 

  • Appearance                              Lyophilized Powder

  • Package Size                            1 gram

  • Gelatin                                      Type A, 300 bloom

  • Species                                     Porcine

  • Degree of Methacrylation       > 75%

  • Extrudability                              Extrudes via 25 gauge needle                                                             with pressures < 35 PSI

  • pH                                               6.8 - 7.4 in 1X PBS

  • Biocompatibility                        Supports cell growth

  • Sterility                                      No growth

Want to modify Lifeink® 300?

Here are some helpful application notes:

Lifeink® 300 / Collagen Mixture Bioink​​

This protocol shares how to create a more shear thinning methacrylated gelatin bioink by adding in collagen.

For additional information such as directions for use, SDS, material origin, or certificate of analysis, click here.

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