Lifeink® 200 / 400 Mixture

Lifeink® 200 is an amazing bioink by itself. It is pure, type I collagen and can be printed into a wide array of constructs, shapes, and tissues. For additional crosslinking of Lifeink® 200, you can mix in methacrylated hyaluronic acid (Lifeink® 400). This new mixture ink can be crosslinked post-print to increase the tensile strength of your tissues. 

The Lifeink® 200/400 mixture was printed into a scaffold and then evaluated for structural integrity by lifting the scaffold out of the media using a narrow spatula, as demonstrated in the video to the left.

Lifeink® 200/400 Structural Integrity Test

Lifeink® 200 / 400 Preparation Instructions

  1. Solubilize the required volume of Lifeink® 400 in a 1% solution by following the protocol found here. 

  2. Add photoinitiator to the Lifeink® 400 and then protect from light.

  3. Transfer required volume of Lifeink® 200 to a syringe. 

  4. Add chilled cells to the Lifeink® 400 mixture. 

  5. Dispense Lifeink® 400/cells into a syringe and remove all air. 

  6. Attach the Lifeink® 200 syringe to the Lifeink® 400/cells syringe using a coupler (ensuring no air is in the system) and mix.

    • A demonstration video of mixing these syringes without introducing air is found here.

  7. After mixing, print into FRESH.   ​

  8. After printing, melt the FRESH at 37°C, remove the gelatin (replace with warm media) and UV/Visible light crosslink as desired.

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